Boga Rules the World
Boga Rules the World
Proof that Boga is everywhere

This award winning documentary (seriously, look at the awards in the top left) is about Boga when he lived in Africa.
Miasto in African means "Awe-Inspiring"

Boga created this company awhile back to promote versatile music both nationally and internationally.
It has met with moderate success, but too many freaking people are robbing me of money by illegally downloading music

The is my biography, titled "The Amazing Life of Boga: How a Perfect Person Succeeds in Life"

This is my venture capitalist firm I created some time ago. It made wads of money investing in the early nineties with internet porn companies. Now its just a front for my other businesses, and with shady accounting, the public has no clue where this money actually goes.

This poster was put up in the subways systems of 17 major countries. It was one of those advertising schemes where nobody actually knows what the poster is about...I beat the living crap out of that marketing director.

This was a play I put on in some other country that doesn't speak english. Its called, "Love and Boga" and is a tragic tale of a perfect person named Boga who falls in love with the wrong person, realizes it, beats the crap out of her, and marries the most beautiful other person in the world, and lives happily ever after

My buddy Vante told me I was such a good cook, that I should open my own restaurant. I really didn't have the urge to work, so I let him just do all the cooking. We add no MSG or crack cocaine to our foods.

This book, written by M. Ziolo, titled "Everybody is an Idiot Except for Boga", was not written by me. This dude called me up one day about the concept. I said sounds good, gave him some excellent stories, and the rest was mainly made up, but could be real.

So I was in the grass field one day, planted a whole bunch of random stuff, cause this hobo in the street bet me six schillings I wouldn't do it. Then, four months later, they proclaim it as the best botanical gardens in the world. What sucked is that he never paid me my money. He must've fled to a different street corner or something.

My most recent company, BOGA advises companies and indiviuals on home loans and other whatnots. Logo is pretty gay. I definately didn't come up with it at all.

A group of three gay homosexuals created this album to pay homage to me, Boga. They are going to have copyright issues though, as their first song is just the Rudy chant from the movie Rudy, but they are saying Boga instead. And the next song is just God Bless America, but instead of America, they say Boga.