Carl is Awesome
Carls Party, June 23rd

You know, how most parties get started. Sitting around drinking beer.

I mean, who isn't happy with a tecate on their hands.

Not likes beer...and standing in bathrooms.

Will laughing because he's about to try something where weight is a hindrance.
Terra is happy because she has a beer.

The show is about to start...

There it is ladies and gentlemen, a pull up big willy style.

Knott going for the ceiling...

He got it.

The DA showing us the benefits of hitting the gym.

Boga is happy with a beer in his hands. Notice the door on the wall. Everybody did it except for Oob.

Not comes through and makes a very manly indention in the ceiling. It was dubbed Not's Vagine.

Hooker showing that putting your head through the ceiling is easier than you think.

So blurry...hurts the eyes...these people are way too excited.

Yup, you just can't keep these people from having the time of their lives.

That's better.

Might as well keep going around the room.

Now is when the party started kicking. A second after this picture was taken, the dumbbell
was through that wall, the other wall on the other side of the closet, and into the
empty space under the stairs

Good job Not.

Ginger Rocks!!

Carl putting his head through the ceiling again. That big hole to the right of his head
put those cuts you already see on his forehead.

Jeff, what are you doing with that screwdriver in your hand?

No...Jeff!! Not the wall!!

Somebody drag him down, he's outta control.

Nice work Jeff.

Now this is what you do with the screwdriver.


Not about to discus another weight into the wall. The first time he tried, it bounced all
over the room, Ginger was the smart one and got a helmet on.

Sweet as Not. More weights lodged into the wall.

This is for you Koop.

Taking a break from breaking stuff.

Jeff was the first one to demonstrate how to put your body through the wall.

Not trying to put his feet through the ceiling...didn't happen that time.

Leave it to the DA to puke Red Robin and absinthe into the sink without a garbage disposal.

Jeff moves onto the other wall.

Whatever Not tried, at least he took some of the wall with him.

Now we are getting to the good stuff.

In the words of Rage..."Fuck you I won't do what you tell me."

Fucking awesome.

Not getting some air as well.

That's right Ginga, beat the shit outta that wall.

She ain't kidding.

Carl gathering his strength...


That's right, we live here bitches...don't wake the baby.

Good times all around.

Ginger will fuck you up.

I could look at these pics all day.

The jump in the air and putting your foot through the wall is the easy part apparently.

Abort Carl!! Abort!

Now that's getting some air.

I don't know what that is, but it probably hurt.

Nothing like some ice cream after beating the shit out of some drywall.