ECCP-Texas A&M Cross Country Disc Golf Association

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Research Park, College Station, TX

Oubre letting it loose on 18 from the short tee

Valley Springs Park, Durham, North Carolina

Record holding cajuns oubre, grease, and chuck with the 
fairway of hole 1 in the background

Chuck driving it deep

Grease using the cannon

The champ Hummel with the rest of the guys at the 18th basket

These are pictures from Ben and Tim Hooker's Disc Golf travels of summer 2000.

Agnes Moffit Park -- Mid January

Hooker just let one rip.

Boga tracking his disc with Wes watching

Cook powering another shot (looks like a foot fault to me)

Wes moments before releasing his shot

Hooker looking real inviting

If you look closly, that blue blur is Wes's disc

Cook displaying the power (with another foot fault)

Boga still looking for that ace.

Whatcha doin' Wes?