From some camera left at Boga's Romp Resort

The meeting place is behind northgate. You ain't cool unless you open your mouth.

Come on Carl, we need a six team member for the gauntlet

Hello Cook and Gulli. Also NOT is picking his nose

One team heading to the bars.

The other team, plus Crazy Carl heading to the bars.

Alright, a finger is in the picture, Koop is messing with his ring, and Boga is posing...

Heavy and Not are staring at Milli's...eyes.

Little does Koop know what is happening behind him.

Two women holding hands. Isn't it cute?

We are only at the Chicken, and the beer is flowing like water.

The gang at Fitz's

Boga, Hooker, Carl and Brooke are staring at Kayci's...eyes. Well, Brooke sure is.

Last time My Heavy Sista seen in the same shot

Team whatever they name was ended up getting their butts kicked by Boga Hooker and Carl.

Boga is trying to lick Ginger's...eyes.

Not didn't run away from this party.

Having trouble finishing the beer...not really

Heavy sure is excited

Christian to Sista to Hooker. Nothing gay about that.

This is a happy picture

Koop and Heavy are grinding, and Celeste wants to get away from this weirdo who doesn't remember Shadow at all.