Welcome to Heavy's Ladies

Heavy gets all the action as you can very well see!

Please feel free to submit any pictures of Heavy and ladies to eccpoll@eccpoll.com

Boy I don't know who looks better, Melissa or Gulli.

I didn't know Heavy really meant he was strong.

I think he snuck into this one, or no girl can resist the power of the Heavy.

This is Heavy's favorite picture, except for the Lesley part, not.

It looks like Ginger likes her Heavy sweaty!

Heavy with a couple of beautiful babies.
Heavy must be very excited right now, cause Gulli sure is.

Kristy is mesmerized by the aura of the Heavy.

Okay Sarah and Heavy, show us your hands.

Heavy and current pole vault record holder Stacy Dragila. If they sat
any closer they would be making out.

Heavy's Rule 1:
To get beautiful ladies to hold you, buy them tea.

Where does Heavy get all the beautiful ladies?

Ever done two people at the same time from the same house?
Heavy has.

Guess what makes Heavy happy? Beautiful Ladies

Ashley and Heavy sitting on a couch...S-I-T-T-I-N-G

Heavy gets back on the hetero track and convinces Kitty to marry him. Rev. Ferrer presides over the drunken congregation.

Heavy, she's married buddy, back off.

After remembering that Ginger was married, Heavy moved on.

The one in the middle is supposed to be Heavy's language teacher that he is marrying.

The happy couple plus Heavy and Nata.