Gary Slut Whore
Hooker's Wedding
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Its like they knew the camera was there...or they always just stare and smile at each other like that.

Hooker! Hooker! I see a hooker!

Um...Nash! Nash! I see a nash!

Hooker! get the idea.

Oubre by far had the best pose out of the box.

Entering stage left...the DA!

Boga...well, he wins the posed that looks the most forced.

Will making he presence known.

I am really glad I wasn't holding flowers.

Marianne has the burning, you know, down there, for the big beefy cock.
Or its out Hooker!

Will and what's her name walking down the aisle

Boga and what's her name walking down the aisle

DA and what's her name walking down the aisle

Oob and what's her, er, his name walking, er, skipping down the aisle

Some very fine looking ladies ready to head towards the nacho stand.

Check where the fuck is Keenan

These of course were taking separately, but I like them better together

Woopee...the kiss.

The guys.

The guys, a little gayer.

And the ladies/guy

This picture just makes me smile. Oh, and the photographer lady calling him gay.

This picture looks fake.

Holy crap does Marianne look possessed. Lets look a little closer.

Yup, scares the crap out of me.

Hooker's patience is running thin, he is tired of taking pictures...and everyone else getting a piece of his woman.

Hooker's out. He done taking pictures. Fuck this shit.

Nevermind, the woman owns this relationship.