Gary Slut Whore
Hooker's Wedding
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You know, I always like finding new uses for those.

And well, she discovered the best use there.
On a side note, why do women feel the need to take cameras on bachelorette parties?

Its true, not all doctors-to-be are losers.

You might be curious by Menze isn't with Milli? His pants didn't he didn't come.
Better log some more miles Menze

What a cute couple...I wonder if Carl can keep the skin on his knuckles this time.

Look at all the couples that hooked up after the wedding...The DA and Erin, Oob and Sheri, Badness and Gulli, and Sweetchuck and Brulu.

Hey everybody, we are totally hot and have like 40 gabillion All Americans between us.

Boga and Canada sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g.
I'm going to get in trouble for this.

This couple...well, what can you say...Oh, yeah, Weidig ditched us to go to Dallas instead.

Well, they kicked things off.

It wasn't billy jean, but just as good

I love the wristbands

Everyone wants a piece of sweetchuck

And the hot server lady

So chuck jumps on oubre, then willy joins the action, carl gets in it, boga then starts riding the train...
Boga feels someone get on his back, so he feels likes giving him a surprise. He reaches behind him to grab a handful of manhood...
and yada yada yada, it turns out to be hooker's sister

Speaking of sisters, another nash trying to marry into the family.

Sweet action shot

Attaboy Willy...gulli doesn't look too scared

Oob's the man

Too bad we don't have the picture of the opposite occuring.

Some of us on a balcony. That is it.

A happy family

A happy couple

A happy couple

A happy couple

A happy couple

The guys

OK OK, it wasn't only Sweetchuck and Brooke the whole night...