ECCP 2004
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These are the pictures from the Knott Wedding which Oubre enjoyed the most. I hope you agree.

I just don't think he's the right one for her with all that yelling.

Oubre has his eyes set on the bitchin van, and he has two escorts.

This guy is so intense. He really should have been a man cheerleader.

Weidig, if you squeeze hard enough, it will come out.

I see two OH faces in this picture, Kitty must be doing something right.

Oh wait. Kitty not looky so goody anymore.

Now we see why Carl went to sleep early. Two beers at the same time.

This is just a random makeout session, which is pretty cool.

Oh yeah! Our favorite guy at the wedding.

It's not that Oubre has a fat face, but look at Kelly's disturbed appearance.