ECCP Photos
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This is Grease at the Big 12 Championships in 1998

Some guys on a run by the George Bush Library

The A&M girls on the Puget Sound in Seattle, WA

1999 Big XII Cross Country Championships, College Station, TX

Texas A&M's first cross country All American, Scott Curtis Lengefeld

Some of Louisiana's finest cajun runners Oubre and Grease

Mr. Menze winning the Capitol 10k, April 2000.

Scott, Gulli, Jim, and Lesley enjoying a few drinks at Loren's for the Sugar Bowl

Sovinsky and Carl running the 1500 at UT

Our former manager from 1998-1999 Captain Ronnie Egnatuk

Things can go crazy at the Trackshack when Sabotage comes on

Our beautiful ladies, need I say more.

Our first game at Enron. Astros 7 Cardinals 5

70s Carl and Chuck are getting a little funky. This party had less puking than a certain other one.

Chris Lee is Afro-Man

Chuck getting ready to drink a little beer.

Boy do the cajuns love their Jack in the Box or what. This was the first night for Chuck and Oubre to eat the wonderfulnous which is Jack in the Box.

A change a seating was required to enjoy the game more

Hanging out on the frozen pond in Iowa for Indoor Conference

Ben liked the snowman. Oubre decided to kill it.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

Oubre scores

Jim scores too

We couldn't find Mike Krycesewski (probably a typo) so we took a picture in Cameron Arena instead.

Scooter All American Lengefeld and his loyal fans, the fighting texas aggie distance crew.

Oubre turns 21 and he gets all the ladies.

A-G-G-I-E-S, A-G-G-I-E-S, AAAAAAAAA, Fight-em Aggies, Whoop. Our loyal yell leader Heavy leads the d-crew on at Texas.

Does anybody remember the Coors Khaki banquet after this one?

Is that a hickey on Doyle's neck or is that just something that got on the picture while it was on the fridge?

Beasley is taking it in on the homecourse at the A&M invite.

Chuck works the Rice guy around the cone.

Chris Lee yells at Chuck to get his ass up there with Olague and Dawson.

Peek a boo.

The Cornhusker Inn sure was a nice hotel. Sorry you missed out Scott and Grease.

A little something special for our All American.

The smile of the day, 8-6-2000. Brooke must really love disc golf.
The simle of the day, 8-7-2000. Heavy must really like living in the TRACKSHACK.
The smile of the day, 8-8-2000...Not!

Here's Koop getting drunk with Texas senator Phill Gramm, an old ag.

Lengefeld taking the bull by the horns

The picture of Cook that was in The Eagle
after Andrew won the Games of Texas Disc Golf Tournament

A few ags having a good time at Harry's

Some of our favorite old ags kicking back in California

Kicking back at the Alumini Party

1998 Christmas Party

Heavy, Oubre and Carl taking it easy in Mexico

The beautiful ladies somplace I don't remember

The Doozers live at the Didgeridoo

Good thing it wasn't cold at Nationals

Words cannot describe this picture

Heavy, Swifty, and Koop taking shots in

The little wizzer brings a crowd

Hummel, Sov and Cook hanging out at Auburn

Hooker and Jayme reading to little kids for AAI

Would you expect anything less from Knott?

Reward for person to get photo of Shaffdog without A&M gear on

WOW...I love you Hooker

Oubre and hot girl hook up at Harry's

They find each other again later...what are the odds?

Nothing beats cheap pitchers of beer

Ginger and the Trackshack go well

Boga, Hooker and Kitty chilling at Fitz's

An Aggie Ring and Jenn Whatley in the same picture...enough said

The Trackshack heading out to make some money