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This was from the Knott Christmas party 2005.

We like Carl. Whatley had already gone home.

Carl probably didn't even feel anything.

We went out to 6th St. Oubre's fat but his jacket is cool, and you can see his shirley temple.

Party at the Trackshack, March 2, 2002. Next 5 pictures

Kelly, Sarah (recruit) and Heidi looking good

Josh, everybody's favorite discus thrower

Don't ever mess with Jessie's Girl

What a fine picture (except for Weidig)

Who needs to go to the dirty sock when they are free at the Trackshack?

Sarah and Boga dueling on the busride home.
Boga won (although it was close)

Trackshack against Champ Camp in a tag team match
(oubre and boga) vs. (bonn and beasley) Track shack is victorious

Carl and Oubre enjoying the food at liver night

I think that somebody ate Melissa Gulli's body

It is not easy swimming across Lake Bryan. Good thing they are in speedos

The group traveled to Duke to watch Scooter race the 10K in 2001

Nothing like jumping in the pool after a long summer run

The team at the Aztec Invitation in San Diego, 2001

God Bless America

Boga and All American 400H Travis

A group of old Ags after the Alumini Meet

Bookout, Tamara, Jenn, Katherine and Staci (I think) at our home meet

The team hanging with Dwane? at the Waffle House

Cook 1st and Oubre 2nd (advanced) Sista 1st (beginner) at the
Games of Texas, August 2001

How things are done at the Trackshack

Scooter with is 1st place trophy from the Aztec Invitational

Gulli at Indoor Nationals 2002

The race with one lap to go. Gulli got second. What a kick.

Gulli with her award in the 5000m 2002

Juan in the Steeplechase in Outdoor Nationals 2001

Tommy in the 1500 at Outdoor Nationals 2001

Sarah Steadman and Jenn Whatley moving up at NCAA's in Iowa

Bookout in the 4X1500 at Penn 2001

Gulli bringing home the bacon in the DMR 2001

Jenn attacking in the 4X1500 at Penn 2001

Kelly Z. pulling away in the 800 at UT 4-Way

Kerri Winters and Lindsey Mosley in the 1500 at UT

Alex hanging out with his best friends from Colorado

Jayme leading off the 4X1500 at Penn Relays 2001

Adam in the 1500 at the UT 4-Way 2002

Tom T. in the 800 at UT

McLeod attacking the steeple at UT

Auburn cross country meet in 2001

We look fast here, and we were. 25.40 or so.

You pick the best looking guy from the group.

Heavy for junior yell never made it to the ballot, but it made it to the course.

He wasn't an All American in 01 but he was still damn good.

We sure are glad he didn't go to Arkansas. Champ camp rules!

Freebird's rules! So what if you can't eat all 3 3/4 pounds.

There was always something strange about these two.

It was a fun week in Bryan, TX. Beasley even made a special appearance one day, just not this day.

Nobody could have predicted this breakup.

This was before Bryan took his pants off.

Cusimano connection hooking us up with free drinks.

Heavy and Oubre with former manager Matt on a peaceful night in Mexico.

What's so bad about mustache's.

175 W. 4th St, Reserve, LA. Check it out.

Chuck and Kayci's old football player boyfriend carousing around the pool.

The original trackshack posse. Who would have thought it could have gotten worse.

It only makes sense if you've seen the original picture.

My guess is that Natalie will be a rugby player.

McLeod's Guide to Getting out of a Steeple Race

Looks like Boga stumbled into the room just in time

This hot chick, is...Ginger Knott. Awesome huh?


What a card game

Bishop showing off her pantyhose

What happens in the van stays in the van

The DA's favorite pickup line

Check out ninja the movie, or the trailer to ninja the movie 2

True Story

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