Selected Pictures From Vanessa's Camera

Looks like they took a picture, then realized Ginger was right there and took the picture right away again. But it is not. Sista is just good at getting behind the pictures. The backgrounds are different.

Too bad Kayci's top isn't one of those that are see-through when the flashes go off. I mean, too bad for the lesbians who are in love with Kayci. I mean, Kayci isn't a lesbian. This picture also points out the trend of men wearing blue shirts. Carl and Toby both are sporting them.

Those crazy kids from Louisiana. Notice Sweetchuck is wearing blue.

Seriously, it take a second to figure out where all those arms are coming from.

Steadman with her boyfriend...yeah, i don't remember his name. But he is wearing blue. And the reception did have an open bar, and yes, that is water. Like you though any different.

Dancing to Billy Jean. Too bad Brooke isn't wearing one of those dresses that are see-thru when you take a picture with a flash. Ginger's arms are, and its awesome.

You knew this picture had to be on her camera. Notice Boga is in blue.

Taken on the dance floor. Ben is taller than Laura. Notice that Ben is in blue

Only the most sought-after picture of the night. Greatness. I wonder if Weidig has weird dreams involving his mom. I know Will does. Notice that Trey is in blue

Ben's apt after the after-party. Too bad ben's shorts aren't the material that is see-thru when pictures are taken.